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CDW offers superior freight services that include handling freight into and out of box cars, refrigerated cars, bulk tankers, flat cars, and more. Tired of paying too much in Demurrage? Our CN Line is now serviced locally by Lake States Railway. With an engine tied up at our facility, CDW can arrange several switches on a daily basis to keep your freight moving.

At CDW Consulting, we are aware of the importance of logistics to help companies in Michigan and maintain their edge over their competitors. One of the best Michigan freight companies that provides on-time deliveries to and from most of the major states , offering the complete Rail, Air and ocean Freight solution.

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Rail freight services inMichigan

Rail freight service is very important to providing economical transportation service to business and industry for the movement of raw materials and manufactured products. Railway freight offers advantages that bring down your cost to ship. Rail freight can be less expensive if your freight’s origin and destination are close to rail heads. Rail shipping is also the most economical choice when you are shipping large and heavy freight.

Air freight services in Michigan

Air freight services in Michigan

Top advantages of air freight services with CDW Consulting – The fastest shipping method.Highly reliable arrival and departure times.Send your cargo almost anywhere. Low insurance premium means large savings.High level of security and reduced risk of theft and damage.Less need for warehousing and fewer items in stock.Less packaging required. Follow the status of your cargo.

Ocean freight services in Michigan

Benefits of Using Air Freight ServicesUnmatched Speed. When speed is paramount, you can’t afford to settle for less than air freight services. Arrival and Departure Consistency. Global Shipping Flexibility. Low Insurance Premiums. Higher Standards of Security. Reduced Dependence on Warehousing.Reduced Packing Materials.

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Logistic and Shipping services to ship freight all over north America by truck using a network of professional logistics providers.


CDW offers many logistics solutions: trucking, warehouse storage, bulk liquid transfers, truck & rail Car cross-docking, Rail,Air and Ocean Freight.


CDW Consulting Logistic Services is crafted to providing you with consistent quality service. This includes timely delivery of your safe and secure cargo. Unmatched Customer Service with assured professional logistic services.

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